Wednesday, April 7, 2004
Trump's 'Apprentice' Paycheck

Trump is a name equated with power, success and money. But now The Donald is reaching new heights.

Trump is not modest about his success, but is real life for this new reality TV star that good? Fortune magazine Senior Editor, Daniel Roth, tracked Trump for a month before writing the magazine’s April 19th cover story. "The Donald Trump on TV is so close to the Donald Trump you see in real life, it's fascinating," Roth revealed to "Extra."

Success for Trump began with his legendary real estate empire. With Trump Tower, Trump Plaza, Trump World Tower, the Trump Building and Trump Park, he owns or co-owns so many Manhattan buildings that you could rename 5th Avenue "Donald Drive."

"He has absolutely no problem talking about how successful he is," Roth told us. "It’s almost impossible to say how big Donald Trump is."

In fact, Trump is big enough to include among his list of triumphs a Mar-A-Lago Resort in Florida, helicopters, jets, casinos, best-selling books, and beauty pageants like Miss Universe and Miss U.S.A.

And following his personal passion, Trump also owns four golf courses, including one outside of Los Angeles. The breathtaking views and big-dollar decor make good TV and the Trump National Course is often the location for scenes from the hit FOX TV series "The O.C."

So, any guess as to what Trump’s entire kingdom is worth? The best source may be the man himself. "Donald Trump says he's worth $6 billion," Roth informed us.

And the number climbs as Trump tacks TV star onto his resume. Trump makes $375,000 per "Apprentice" episode this year, and that number could skyrocket to the million dollar range for season two, making him one of primetime’s highest paid performers.

Trump is all over the map these days. Wednesday night he’ll appear on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." Then, Thursday, he visits Oprah Winfrey on her show, and asks the audience about one part of The Donald that’s been getting quite a bit of attention lately -- his ‘do. "Should I change it?" Trump asks the audience.

And of course, on Thursday night’s "The Apprentice," the final four face their toughest job yet -- interviews with Trump’s executives. At the end of the night, two of the hopefuls will hit the bricks.

You can read more about Trump in Fortune magazine on newsstands now -- and don’t miss Wednesday’s edition of "Extra," for more details on The Donald.

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