Thursday, March 18, 2004
Courtney Takes NYC – Lands in Jail

Troubled rock star Courtney Love landed herself in a Manhattan jail early Thursday morning.

From the moment of her arrival to tape a “Late Night with David Letterman” appearance, Courtney was clearly off the charts, and her behavior only became more bizarre as the night wore on, but the capper came when the rocker was arrested for allegedly striking a fan with a microphone stand at a posh NYC nightclub.

Courtney’s calamitous night kicked off with a shouting match with paparazzi, telling them to “go f*** yourself!” as she arrived at the Letterman show to promote her new album, titled “America’s Sweetheart.”

The craziness continued during the taping as Courtney gave Dave “flashbacks” of Drew Barrymore’s infamous appearance on his show – times six – as the rocker repeatedly lifted her shirt and exposed herself. She also gestured to her breasts and said “FCC,” and smoked a cigarette in defiance of New York’s strict anti-smoking laws.

Love left Letterman with her new bandmates for a concert by the alternative band "The Vines." Her offbeat antics continued after the show, when Love made a pit stop at a Wendy's, where a fan approached her and the two engaged in x-rated public behavior once again involving her breasts.

And the hits kept coming: next stop, the club called Plaid,” where Courtney and band put on a wild show.

Michael Musto of the "Village Voice" was at the concert and tells us, "Before the show, she warned the fans, this could be the worst show they'll ever see, or maybe the best."

But Musto says trouble started early: "There was a guy who actually threw a glass at her onstage."

It’s unclear if that had anything to do with Love allegedly throwing the mic stand into the crowd, striking a fan in the head.

"Extra" has learned that the victim, 24 year-old Gregory Burgett, is a tourist from Kentucky visiting friends in New York. He was rushed to this hospital and is reported in stable condition.

Courtney’s wild night ended at the police station where she was charged with reckless endangerment and third-degree assault. It was a more subdued Love who left the precinct Thursday morning.

Love is facing felony drug charges in California. She broke down in tears during a court appearance Tuesday, upset at ongoing delays in her case; she had arrived two hours late and been scolded by the judge for talking out of turn.

Known for scathing hard-rock songs like “Violet” and “Awful,” Love has always had a notorious public persona. She was arrested last October after allegedly trying to break into a former boyfriend’s home in Los Angeles and, after an apparent overdose that later followed, was charged with two counts of illegal possession of a controlled substance cops say they found in her home.

Courtney continues to insist that the drugs were medications prescribed under a doctor’s care, telling Letterman that her case involved “one expired Percocet and one Ambien.”

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