Friday, January 25, 2002
Extra! Extra!

It's the latest craze in the wave of extreme sports that's guaranteed to be a smash! Smash Ball is an alternative underground sport that will be featured in it's own show this spring on TNN network called "USU Smash Zone." If you think you have what it takes to be part of the extreme team, tryouts will be held this Monday and Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Compassionate stars came out in Hollywood last night to raise money to benefit Cambodian orphans. Their plight is captured in the new HBO/Cinemax documentary "My Khmer Heart." Danny Glover says, “I was so moved by the documentary, I wanted to do anything I could.”

Matt Damon says, “I called up and said, ‘How the hell can I help?’”

Matt Damon also helped out his softball buddy Sean Hayes by making a cameo on the February 7th episode of “Will & Grace.” Matt explains, “He and I are competing for a spot in a gay man's chorus and it just sort of takes off from there."

Billionaire media mogul turned New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg speaks candidly to “20/20's” Barbara Walters tonight on why one of the wealthiest men in the world sought public office. He says, “Because you get a chance to change the world. You get a chance to make a difference.”

Bloomberg may change the world but he won't be changing his address. He declined living in the mayor's Gracie Mansion. His own townhouse is far more luxurious.

A sassy Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O'Connor gives no objection tonight to “Dateline NBC's” Katie Couric's questions about her courtship with husband John O'Connor and a little known fact about chief justice William Renquist. Sandra says, “Well we went to a few movies and one thing or another.”

Smashball Video Promo
Smash Ball Official Site

• For those interested in trying out for Smash Ball, tryouts will begin with mandatory player interviews on Monday, January 28th and Tuesday, January 29th. Players may show up to interviews on either day, any time between the hours of 10:00am and 7:00pm. Player interviews will take place at la center studios, located in downtown Los Angeles right off the 110 freeway, between 4th and 5th streets.

The street address is 1201 west 5th in the Beaudry Theater. Go to the Bixel entrance and you will be directed to the parking area for smash ball player interviews.

Please call the hotline # (818) 972-0987 and leave a brief message after the recording to make your reservation for player interviews. State only your first and last name and whether you will be coming to interview on Monday or Tuesday.

If selected to attend tryouts after your interview, you will be asked to attend three-day tryout camp, starting on Wednesday January 30th at the same location. If selected as a Smash Ball player season will run until the end of March.

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