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Airline Food

If there's one thing we don't look forward to in air travel, it's the food. Want to know which airlines spend the most when it comes to keeping your stomach happy? Our Mike Bryant runs down the numbers in this Consumer Payoff.

Disastrous Weddings

There’s nothing prettier than a summer wedding, but brides and grooms beware. As “Extra” warns, if you don’t do your homework beforehand, the happiest day of your life could turn out to be disastrous. Wedding woes in “Extra’s” Consumer Payoff.

Fuel Tank Dangers

A memorial service makrked the fifth anniversary of TWA flight 800. But here are concerns that the FAA isn't doing enough to prevent a repeat disaster. Mike Bryant and "Extra's" travel detective investigate.

Hotel Fire Safety

Keeping safe during your travels can be harder than it sounds, especially when it comes to hotel fire safety. Mike Bryant and our travel detective have some things you should check out before you check in.

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